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At the start of every new calendar year on the 1st of January, all members of Le Club AccorHotels, including Accor Plus members, Status Points and Status Nights will be reset to zero.

As an Accor Plus member your Le Club AccorHotels Status Tier will be assessed based on your eligible stays and expenditure in the full previous calendar year (2017) or from the beginning of the current year (2018) to the time of renewal, whichever is the most favourable to you.

For non Accor Plus members, the Le Club AccorHotels Status is based on their activity during a calendar year (January to December) only.

Renewal of your Accor Plus Membership

If you have been upgraded to Gold or Platinum Status as a result of Status Points or Status Nights activity, as an Accor Plus member you will enjoy your upgraded status for longer. 

If an Accor Plus member is upgraded to a superior Status tier during the year, the Accor Plus member will retain this Status tier at the time of the next Accor Plus membership renewal, as long as the member renews конкурс le club accorhotels on time. 

For example, if you joined Accor Plus in March 2017 and were upgraded to Gold in June 2017, then on your renewal in March 2018 you will retain Gold Status based on your Status Points/Nights earned in 2017.

If you do not maintain your status level 

If you have not upgraded to a new Status tier within the period of your current membership, upon your next renewal you will be assessed for your Le Club AccorHotels Status tier.

In the example above:

  • The member joined/renewed Accor Plus in June 2017 and was upgraded to Gold Status in October 2017.
  • The member retained Gold Status when their membership was renewed in June 2018 as their 2017 calendar year Status Points/Nights activity was more favourable to them than their Status Points/Nights activity in January – June 2018. 
  • In June 2019 the member was assessed again and because they did not earn the required Status Points to re-qualify as Gold Status in either January – December 2018 or January – June 2019 they are downgraded to Silver status.

Remember, as an Accor Plus member you always receive more rewards and automatically qualify for a minimum of Le Club AccorHotels Silver Status.


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